Dragon Boat Paddle Review

We get it. You are in a university full of competitive paddlers all aiming for that number one prize and you want to prove yourself as well as make mom and dad proud. To help you achieve this, we are going to go deep into what could be the best dragon boat paddle you will need.

Things You Need To Consider

Carbon Made Dragon Paddle

Dragon boat paddling can reach war-like tempo. So keep in mind that light materials may not deliver the performance you want in the heat of battle. Carbon generally gives better performance when it comes to the actual pace.

Paddle Shape

Paddle shape can affect speed as the shape is responsible for pushing the water in different pace. Slow or fast depending on conditions, you have to choose the shape to match. The best suggestion, is make sure it should be 1-piece between the shaft and blade with no-gap junction which actually makes it look like an oval shaft. The sharper the edge, the better.

Size Matters

You could be of a different height and like any sports, there are certain size adjustments that you’ll need to make. A strong grip can give you better confidence, which can can help you with the mental battles we all face – especially when fatigued.  AMany people tend to prefer a 125 cm long paddle, but it depends on your preferences.


Do not be like one of those guys that want to just show off when you see a very cool shaped paddle in a shop, but it ends up breaking after one use, leaving you with egg on your face. As mentioned, go for carbon quality and I am sure you’ll fare much better come race time.

Top Paddle Picks

Burnwater Reactor II Full Carbon Fiber Dragon Boat Paddle, Carbon T-handle

100% Carbon fiber w/ 2×2 twill blade and shaft 370-390 grams (13.05-13.75 ounces) Seamless one piece blade/shaft construction Clean entry tip, Reinforced tip and edges IDBF PS202a Certified Made in the USA. It is available on Amazon.

Gladiator Silver Adjustable Paddle

– IDBF Approved (Spec 202a #3361)
– Adjustable between 45 and 51 inches
– 1 Year Product Warranty
– Blade Material: Carbon
– Shaft Material: Carbon
– Shaft Shape: Round
– Handle: T-Handle
– Weight: 360 grams

ZRE Dragon Z

– Faster, lighter and stronger
– High quality performance
– Best build quality

This video shows a review on ZRE Dragon Z.

Which One Should I Buy

The answer to this question is ultimately going to be based on personal preferences.  Other elements to bear in mind when considering your paddle purchase are:

– Switching seats, especially if you’ve been moved in/out of seat 1
– Changing to a different stroke (shorter and faster strokes generally require shorter paddles)
– Changing water level (an open boat sits lower in the water than a mixed boat, and you may need to adjust your paddle length accordingly)

Hope this helps you narrow your search. Let us know which paddle you’ve chosen in the comments below.

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